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Admin of, Co-admin of the former 'Wikisposure project' and contributor to absolutezerounited.
Carmen Gija a/k/a Indian1953 = Carolynn Marie (Rouse) Rodriguez
Co-editor of the former 'Wikisposure project'.
Bloviating Zeppelin = Mark R Alley
Pete Bogs = Patrick Moody
LostInLimaOhio = Laura R (Doute) Ulrick
Shoprat = Donald Walter Gilbert
IrishDiablo = Robert W Doyle
LeftyMetalhead = Hugo Alejandro Ortiz
birthdate: Jan. 13, 1982
BigNewsDay = Jeffrey Adam Baadsgaard
Gawfer = Gary Wayne Moorhead
AFsister = Dbie Anna (Morrison) Johnson
Tampa Pirate = Mark Woodson Spence

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