Carolynn Rouse / Carmen Gija / Indian1953

Carolynn RouseCarolynn Rouse a/k/a Carolynn Rodriguez, a/k/a "Carmen Gija" a/k/a "Indian1953" (b. April 17th 1968 @) is a moderator on perverted-justice and an editor of its former "parallel" site 'the wikisposure project', working closely with Cynthia Jean (Dale) Harvey.

Encouraged by the anonymity of its members, it didn't matter whether anyone had committed a crime. The wikisposure editors "exposed" their "targets" as 'pedophile activists' in order to try bring them to private, familial and public shame. In many cases, the wikisposure team was within its free speech rights in the USA. In other cases, however, their behavior violated various websites' Terms of Service and may have run afoul of state privacy and cyberstalking laws, as well as committed common law libel.

Whether Carolynn will be found liable for any of her organizations' torts is anyone's guess, but at least now those she accused will have the opportunity to call her to account.

The sources linking Carolynn with Carmen Gija/Indian1953:

  • A woman named 'Typical Lurker' is a moderator on the forum of where she explains 'it was the group Perverted Justice who brought in Dylan Thomas'. @ 1
  • She links to absolutezerounited, wikisposure and evil-unveiled and claims "I happen to spend most of my spare time working on the front lines as a child safety activist with a group that fights pedophiles" and where "no forum drama is tolerated". 2 3 4 5
  • She writes about being a native from So Cal in her 40s, about her millionaire dad, about her life on an Indian reservation with her now jailed ex-husband 1, about her fiance (a sergeant with the county sheriff's office) 2 and about working in a call center for ATT with her daughter. 3 4
  • She posts pictures of herself and some pictures link to a PunkerBarbieTL photobucket account. 1 2 3
  • Her friends sometimes call her 'Barbie' and they congratulate her on her birthday on several forums on April 17th. 1 2
  • She shares the partly censored name and info about her millionaire father (Chuck R***e) 1 2 3 and posts a picture of an 'Indian(1953) Roadmaster Chief' motorcycle he was restoring at the time. 4
  • A picture she said she shot and sent to failblog is credited to 'Carmen G' and a friend there explains 'Carmen worked at an impound yard'. 1 2
  • A publicly posted PM reveals an old alternative nickname for Typical Lurker and her name and address. Caroline Rodriguez, Lakeside CA (El Cajon). 1 2
  • Her friends share a mutual friend on social networks. 'Carolynn Rouse/Rodriguez' where they discuss her undercover work for perverted-justice [@]
  • She shows up as a friend of 'trillian dent' now the admin of evil-unveiled [@]
  • Public records reveal a 'Carolynn Marie (Rouse) Rodriguez' born 04/17/1968 @, her father 'Charles *Chuck* Rouse' and her ex husband 'James *Jamie* Rodriguez'.
  • A search on Carolynn Rodriguez leads to with pictures linking to her PunkerBarbieTL photobucket account. 1
  • A search on 'Charles *Chuck* Rouse' leads to a site about a former motocross racer who restores old musical instruments, cars and Indian motorcycles.
    It also contains commentary and childhood pictures from his daughter who especially loved his Indian "covered fenders and fringed seats" motorcycles and who bought a Volkswagen 'Karmann Ghia' to restore, to 'drive around and look cool', like her dad. @ [mirror]
  • Pictures of the person on 1 and 2 match Carolynn (Rouse) Rodriguez. 3 4
    The Californian 'I love PJ' avatar picture of the car on is a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. 4
  • A comment by Carolynn's father on facebook dated Nov. 2010 confirms that his "daughter and grand daughter are doing fine in Las Cruces. Both work for Convergys, a company doing customer support for ATT." @ [mirror]

  • Typical Lurker, Carmen G, Karmann Ghia, Carmen Gija, Indian1953; "Wikisposure Editor, Verifier 13+, CSO Team, Forum Buddy", and moderator for Perverted-Justice. @ [mirror]
  • A screen-shot of a wikisposure edit-history page shows an "Indian1953" as an editor, perhaps as a reference to her fathers 'covered fenders and fringed seat' Indian(1953) Roadmaster Chief motorcycle restoration project at that time. 1

we welcome corrections of any misinformation.

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Anonymous said...

I never leave comments to forums I read, but felt compelled to THANK YOU for having this information out here. As a mom of a young man (21) on a sex offender registry (he was 18 seeking images of girls his age on a peer to peer file sharing website), I often fear for his safety and future under this shroud of public shame. I wanted to find information or 'hope' that laws were in the process of being reformed when I stumbled upon this horrendously wicked vigilante website. We as a society need to stop the witchhunt mentality, and start focusing on how to help these young offenders. After realizing how little it takes to be on a sex registry, I no longer would ever pay attention to it. This site should be truly be the 'evil unveiled' site. Thanks again.

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